FOGO BRAZIL・フォゴ ブラジルについて


本場ブラジルのシュラスコが北谷リゾートに OPEN




An authentic Brazilian CHURRASCO has finally opened in Chatan Resort.

We are an authentic Brazilian CHURRASCO restaurant based in a great location which is

only a five-minute walk from American Village.

We offer an opportunity to enjoy authentic “CHURRASCO”, a Brazilian represented

barbeque cuisine that provides various portions of meat, mainly cattle, which are pierced

into an iron skewer and baked over an exclusive CHURRASCO grill, in addition a variety of

salad bar / buffet style dishes.

Visit us and listen to the rhythm of Samba while getting the feel of the atmosphere of Brazil

while enjoying as much as you like of your favorite dish.



「Resort & Glamorous」をテーマにしたお洒落な大人の空間





Please take full advantage of our great location by enjoying the site of a beautiful sunset

and a pleasant beach side atmosphere with our open terrace seats that offers a great

“resort” experience.

Through our entrance, spreads an astonishing open kitchen with a large counter of a salad

bar / buffet with plentiful variety of delicious dishes.

A fascinating “glamorous” atmosphere which offers authentic Brazilian cuisine extends

through our marvelous restaurant.

Our restaurant offers a chance to experience an “extra exciting” moment which is enjoyable

by couples, groups, and families.








We offer 12 different CHURRASCO cuisines at our restaurant.

We provide an authentic style in which a CHURRASCO “waiter” brings cooked meat to

your table on a skewer and serves an amount of your chose right in front of you.

For our buffet style dishes, you can enjoy a Brazilian national cuisine “Feijoada Feijó” and a

colorful salad bar with approximately 25 types of various dishes.

All of which you can enjoy as much as you want.






アメリカンヴィレッジから徒歩5分の絶好のロケーションで、FOGO BRAZIL スタッフ一同がお客様のご来店をお待ちしております。

We hold occasional Brazilian shows such as Samba show in our restaurant for you to

experience the real atmosphere of Brazil, while still being in Okinawa. Also, we are more

than happy to assist you in celebrating wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or any

special occasions. Please feel free to let us know!

With meat that is cooked with an exclusive CHURRASCO grill and Brazilian classic

Caipirinhas, you will definitely be excited with a cheerful mood!

FOGO BRAZIL and our staff is always welcoming our beloved customers to visit us in our

great location, which is only a five-minute walk from American Village.