Splendid Seaside Ambience

Once we finally arrive at the long-awaited destination, especially something as special as Okinawa, we always look to make the best out of it. In today’s travel world, it’s certain that dining is an essential part of the experience, and there’s no doubt that a terrace with seaside views is one of the qualities that […]

Latin America Steakhouse Experience

A barbeque cuisine that Fogo Brazil offers is an excellent delivery of various meat, mainly cattle and a draw from a time-tested Brazilian playbook. Everything from fresh meats, cooking methods, and presentations are designed to deliver that iconic steakhouse experience from Latin America. Think of Churrasco grills, juicy steaks rich in flavour with an addition […]

Authentic Brazilian Dishes to Savor

A quality restaurant should always have a versatile menu and a selection that would make a bit harder to choose from! And despite being located in Okinawa and offering an authentic Brazilian experience, the menu is as rich as it gets and only adds to why you should visit the restaurant! Many people’s favorite grilled […]

Convenient Location near American Village

Okinawa is full of both man-made and natural attractions. Whether it’s impressive caves full of stalagmites, underwater ruins, tall waterfalls or traditional castles and temples. In all of that and more, the American Village still manages to be a major point of attraction. A giant Ferris wheel immediately draws our attention, but that’s only the […]

Fogo Brazil Goes Beyond Meat

Fogo Brazil might offer a strong meat presence, but its ability to go beyond it with tempting options shouldn’t be overlooked as well. The extensive salad bar is always paved with dozens of colourful and healthy choices while this strong variety is complemented by succulent desserts such as coconut ice cream or Brazilian pudding. But, […]

People are Saying Good Things

Over the years the restaurant gathered a lot of good reviews. So, what the people are saying? It all starts with great and friendly service praise followed by mentions of the lovely views that the outdoor terrace provides! One of the strongest aspects alluded to is the flavourful and delicious meat. Absolutely not a coincidence […]